Friday, 25 December 2015

La Gazzetta dello Sport - ITALIAN TEAM OF THE YEAR

La Gazzetta dello Sport

25 DEC 2015

Florence named

Italian team of


In a leading hotel in Rome, the
brave and the beautiful of Italian
football met to hand out the award
for Italian football team of the year.

There were plenty of glum faces as
this has not been a golden year for
Italian football with one ray of sun-
shine. So in third place came Ju-
ventus DP91 led the strong team to
within 13pts of the title. He was
awarded a used Lancia Beta for his
e orts.
In second spot came Udinese who
still have the playoffs to fight for. A
solid squad with a great late season
burst still lead them open to promo-
tion. They were awarded freedom of
the city of Udine for the remainder of
In top spot came Florence or
Firenze. Despite many nay sayers
and doubters all of whom were ob-
viously proved wrong, the greatest
manager in SM history ever, led them
to promotion in just one season. All
this despite the handicap of not being
able to bring back their best player
from loan all season. The whole team
were given the keys to the Berlosconi
mansion and Mister Malcolm the ti-
tle of SoccerManager Best Manager
in perpetuation. Merry Christmas

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